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3D printing

Some recent 3D printing projects we have done are listed below. We thought that it might be interesting to write a few sentences about the projects to fellow hobbyists.

Recreating, 3D printing and painting a fantasy miniature

We thought that it would be educational to recreate a vintage, handmade miniature to study how a traditional sculptor approaches the task of presenting a character as a mini. A hand crafted figure only contains a limited amount of details... more.

How to make your own miniature

We had been discussing for a while about making our own miniature (mini), a small figurine that could be used in tabletop games... more.

3D scanning and printing a video game character

We wanted to produce a 3D printed model of the worlds perhaps most famous plumber as a special house warming party gift. Instead of designing a new version of the character, we attempted to recreate an existing toy representing... more.

Modelling, 3D printing and painting a cartoon character

We wanted to congratulate our friend for her graduation with a custom three dimensionally (3D) printed character. Instead of a colorless print, we decided to test if the character could be painted after the printing process... more.

Modelling and 3D printing a fantasy creature

In spring 2014 I started a personal project with objectives to learn to use sculpting tools in Blender software and to try out three dimensional (3D) printing. The process is briefly described in this article... more.