Web Site of Lassi Warsta

Welcome to my site

I am an environmental consultant (D.Sc. (Tech.)) located in Helsinki, Finland and interested about hydrological phenomena in the Nordic areas. Like many of the engineers nowadays I work primarily with computer models to understand the nature around us. I have experience in both computer modelling process and custom model development for specific problems. I am very excited about new technological advances in computing (currently distributed computing and cloud platforms :-) and I strive to incorporate them into our existing modelling pipelines. Previously, I used to work over a decade as a researcher and team leader in the Water and Environmental Engineering group in the Aalto University. I provided novel tools for research topics such as agricultural water management, erosion, urban hydrological challenges and transport of harmful substances.

Feel free to drop me a line or call me about potential new projects and inquire about past and current projects. My contact information is presented under the Contact link.

I am also very interested in computer graphics and games, data visualization, web technologies and 3D modelling, printing and animation. Some examples of recent 3D printing projects are presented in the 3D printing page.

Table 1. News items related to the page.

Date: News:
21.01.2019 After a brief delay we finally finished our newest 3D printing project. Please follow the link to the report.
28.10.2018 My web site was updated to the CSS era. Also a new 3D printing project is almost ready to be posted (maybe 2-3 weeks)!